3 Free Fire Tips or Skills that Beginners Must Know

Apart from helping you win the match, these tips can be a unique way to get lots of kills. In the Free Fire game, there are lots of tips and skills available for each character. To maximize it, beginners usually maximize their instincts without understanding the correct flow or method.

Here are some ways or tips to master how to play mobile games with the battle royale genre. When you start playing in Free Fire, you will usually be directed to understand basic movements and instructions.

However, in these tips, you will understand several things that were not taught when you started playing Free Fire. Wondering what things you should learn? Check out 3 Free Fire tips or skills that beginner players must know.

Always Aim the Shot at the Top of Your Opponent

When shooting, of course there is no explanation from the beginning of the game’s introduction about the suggested location. Choose the upper part of your opponent, namely between the opponent’s chest and head.

The reason why that is because the amount of damage will be greater and can be eliminated instantly if hit by a headshot. The term for this skill is dragshot, which means aiming a shot at the chest while aiming at the head.

Of course this theory is not as easy as it seems, you have to practice aiming shots when the character is in various positions such as squatting or jumping. Don’t forget that distance also affects the difficulty of the shot, so keep practicing.

Choose a weapon according to your needs

The next tip is weapons, which are the main tool in your efforts to achieve Booyah! in the Free Fire game. There are various kinds of weapons in Free Fire, or the most painful Assault Rifle which you can read about here.

Apart from the Assault Rifle, there are many types of weapons such as Shotgun, SMG, and Sniper. Of course the weapon you choose can help determine victory. If you want to maintain a safe distance, then choose Sniper.

Want to play quite aggressively? Choose an SMG with a fast fire rate. The Assault Rifle is also very good if you want to play at medium range. Or Shotgun could be your choice when playing in narrow spaces such as inside buildings.

Maximize the Bounty Feature

In this game there is a Bounty feature which is very useful to help you at the start of the game. The reason is, it will be easier for you to find many high level items such as helmets, vests, and so on.

With higher-level items, the chances of winning when you meet your opponent will be higher. Even so, getting high-level items is quite difficult. But with the Bounty feature, at least there is a chance for you to get high-level and useful items during the game.

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