How to Connect CCTV to a Cellphone?

Installing CCTV is the right step before leaving the house to go home. It is safer if the device supports connectivity with smartphones. You can also easily monitor activities around the house from your handheld device.

How to connect CCTV to a cellphone is easy, really. As long as the device has a connecting feature, aka an IP Camera. The reason is, only this type of CCTV can be connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely.

Conditions for connecting CCTV to cellphone

As mentioned previously, the main requirement for CCTV to be connected to a cellphone is that the device supports it. On the CCTV side, there is an IP Camera. Meanwhile, the cellphone must also have free space to download and run applications.

Apart from that, you need to make sure all devices are on. including the DVR or recording storage machine and CCTV. Finally, make sure the internet network is stable so that the device can provide up-to-date reports.

How to connect CCTV to cellphone

CCTV with the ability to connect to a cellphone will connect live conditions via the P2P Cloud Access method. This means you need to connect the CCTV DVR to the internet with the available relay server.

Hmm, that seems a bit complicated, doesn’t it? Even so, it’s still worth trying because this method of connecting CCTV to your cellphone will prevent you from being stolen. The house is much safer, right?

  1. Activate the P2P Cloud Access feature that connects to the internet on your CCTV device
  2. Login to DVR as admin
  3. Go to the ‘Menu’ > ‘Network’ option
  4. Click the ‘Platform Access’ or ‘Cloud P2P Settings’ option, the menu display may differ depending on the device you are using
  5. The device will ask for a verification code to add the DVR to the VMS/CMS application
  6. Install an application that is integrated with CCTV according to the brand on your smartphone
  7. Go to ‘Device Management’ in the application
  8. Click ‘Servers Tab’
  9. Select the ‘Add New Device Type’ menu and check the CCTV device that will be connected
  10. After  logging in, click ‘Add Device’ and enter the verification code you got previously
  11. Click ‘OK’ to save the settings. Done, okay? 

Now you can see what the CCTV camera captured via your cellphone. The above configuration can be used on Android devices, yes. When you activate it, you can hear sounds, see recorded images via your cellphone. However, this also depends on the CCTV features.

The way to connect CCTV to your cellphone can be different depending on the device you use. Some brands may make pairing easier. Therefore, it is important to read the manual before connecting CCTV to a cellphone. 

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