How to Make Instagram Motion Stickers Using the Cutouts Feature

Instagram Story apart from being able to use stickers provided by Meta also allows you to create your own version of the sticker.

This feature is called Cutouts, which is currently a trend for Instagram users to use when creating Stories because of its unique feature which can turn photos into stickers. Apart from photos, you can also turn videos into moving stickers.

What’s unique is that the Cutouts feature provides an automatic sticker creation tool so you don’t need to bother cutting out the part of the image you want to make into a sticker like the steps below.

How to Make Instagram Motion Stickers Using Cutouts

  • Make sure the Instagram application on your cellphone is the latest version.
  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Tap the top left of the screen on the + sign in the profile photo section of the Home page.
  • Enter the Instagram Story or Reels feature. 
  • Select the photo or video to upload.
  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of the Instagram Story menu.
  • Select the Cutouts menu with the moving scissors icon.
  • Select the video that will be used as a moving sticker.
  • Cut video length to 1-6 seconds.
  • Tap Next.
  • Then wait a moment because Instagram will make the video into a sticker instantly by removing the background on the main object.
  • Or you can select manually by tapping Select Manually.
  • Tap Create Sticker at the bottom right.
  • A moving GIF sticker will appear on the Story or Reels.
  • Tap the right arrow in the bottom corner of the screen.

By using the Cutouts feature for Instagram Stories and Reels, you can be creative in making GIF stickers using photos or videos so that the content you display is more unique and has its own characteristics and cannot be found in other people.

Photos that become stickers can of course be used like other stickers, while stickers from videos can be used to make Instagram Stories appear more attractive thanks to support for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images.

The photos and videos used to make stickers should be funny so that when they are made using the Cutouts feature the results will be interesting and even more unique.

Thanks to this feature, you no longer need to rely on stickers provided only by Instagram. To be able to enjoy the Cutouts feature, make sure you update Instagram to at least version 317.

This feature also adds to the excitement of using the Instagram application. Moreover, you can also link a link in the sticker installed in the Story so that other users are directed to a certain page.

Previously, to be able to make Instagram stickers move, you had to rely on the GIPHY service which was quite a hassle because you had to create an account and wait for approval.

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