3 Tips for Effective Marksman Rifles In Free Fire Version of RRQ Legaeloth

The RRQ captain, whose full name is Richard William Manurung, provided tips about important weapons and techniques. Weapons are one of the important things in the Free Fire game, of course one of them is Marksman Rifles. In this game, there is the term META or the most effective strategy at certain patch phases.

It’s not surprising that the games of esports athletes are both an example and an inspiration, as happened in the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 7. Several strong players and teams competed, such as RRQ Legaeloth, which brought a unique and inspiring way of playing.

The RRQ captain provided several Free Fire tips for those of you who want to use Marskman Rifles effectively in the Free Fire game. What are the tips? Is it effective and can it be used in casual matches?

Marksman Rifles, Popular Weapons That Are Powerful at Various Distances

According to RRQ Legaeloth, Marksman Rifles are the most popular choice in FFML Season 7. The reason? because this weapon is very effective for defeating opponents in the competitive scene.

“In official tournaments, the enemies are really good, so you need Marksman Rifles which have big damage and save bullets. “You could say this weapon is quite effective in causing large damage to the enemy,” said RRQ Legaeloth.

That’s right, damage is the main concern as well as the technique of using it. Legaeloth revealed that there are still many ways that players are not aware of in maximizing Marksman Rifles.

According to him, this weapon is not only strong at long distances but also at close range. “If players are smart enough to use them, these Marksman Rifles are actually quite strong in combat at any distance,” he said.

Legaeloth’s 3 Favorite Marksman Rifles Weapon Choices

Basically all Marksman Rifles have almost similar characteristics, but each weapon has its own advantages. Even so, according to RRQ Legaeloth, there are 3 Marksman Rifles weapons that are the most effective according to their version, namely Woodpecker, AC80, and SVD-Y.

These three weapons are considered superior in terms of rate of fire and damage so they are effective for use in various matches and conditions.

Maximize the Roll Scope Technique with Woodpekcer

One of the tips that RRQ Legaeloth emphasized was the roll scope technique, because this technique is very important when using Marksman Rifles in long-range combat.

According to RRQ Legaeloth, you can start and practice these techniques at the Training Grounds first. RRQ Legaeloth also recommends the Woodpecker weapon compared to other Marksman Rifles, because this weapon is the easiest to find and can be maximized in matches.

Apart from Woodpecker, SVD-Y could actually be the main choice because it has stronger capabilities than Woodpecker. However, the SVD-Y weapon can only be obtained via Airdrop, which means it takes a long time and you have to fight over it with your opponent.

RRQ Legaeloth is currently still actively defending the RRQ team and competing in FFML Season 7, the team itself is currently in 7th place, with a score of 394 points and 6 Booyah!

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