5 Beginner Tips for Playing Honkai: Star Rail

With these tips, you can pass every challenge in Honkai: Star Rail more easily

Honkai: Star Rail, which was released in April 2023, succeeded in attracting millions of players from all over the world. Even though it uses the turn-based  RPG genre, which is rarely found in games nowadays, it seems that HoYoverse has succeeded in making an interesting game in this niche genre.

If you are a Genshin Impact player, playing Honkai Star Rail may still have the same feeling thanks to various similarities, starting from the art style, animation, gacha system, items to the user interface with just a few changes in terms. However, for those of you who are playing the HoYoverse game for the first time, there may be many new things you will discover while playing this space travel themed game.

Tips for Playing Honkai: Star Rail

To help understand it, here are 5 tips for beginners in playing Honkai: Star Rail:

1. Know the role of each character

Like other RPG games, each character in Honkai: Star Rail has their own unique abilities. In this game, the role of a character has been determined and confirmed from the start with the name Path. There are 7 types of Paths that have different functions, namely:

  1. The Destruction (tank)
  2. The Hunt (DPS single-target)
  3. The Erudition (DPS AoE)
  4. The Harmony (buffer)
  5. The Nihility (debuffer)
  6. The Preservation (shielder)
  7. The Abundance (healer)

Each role has an important task and has equally valuable values ​​in their respective conditions.

2. Form a balanced team

By knowing the seven roles above, you can form an ideal team with a balanced combination of characters. Although there are many types of team compositions, it’s basically more advisable to have one character from each Path, at least until you understand more about how to fight in Honkai: Star Rail.

Apart from roles,  team composition must also look at the elements of each character. The elements in this game function to break the enemy’s defenses by using the same elements. For example, breaking fire defenses with fire elements, or electricity with electricity elements.

Make sure there are at least 3 different types of elements so you don’t have trouble breaking the enemy’s defenses.

3. Use Trailblazer Power as much as possible

Trailblazer Power is a limited resource given to players. Each player can store up to 180 Trailblazer Power and every 1 Trailblazer Power will increase every 6 seconds.

Trailblazer Power is very useful for getting items that will strengthen the character, for example, ascension materials, Trace, Light Cone EXP, Relics, character EXP, and Credit. Make sure to stick with it and don’t let your Trailblazer Power hit the 180/180 mark!

4. Don’t rush to run out of Fuel

Fuel is an item that can add 60 Trailblazer Power when used.  Players will get these items from various sources while playing. For this item, it is recommended not to spend it at the start of the game.

The reason is, Fuel will be more useful when players have reached a high Equilibrium because the prizes given will also increase as well. Because it costs the same to claim it, it is better to save Fuel until you can get better-quality resources.

5. Get character B5 as quickly as possible

In Honkai: Star Rail, players will be given lots of resources to do gacha at the start of the game.  Moreover, with the beginner banner system which guarantees players to get one of the seven B5 characters in the 50x gacha,  players can get it in just a few days with normal playing time. The sooner you get the B5 character on this banner, the better.

Why is that? The reason is that you will have more freedom to build your team. For example, if you get Bailu who is  a healer,  then you can release Natasha as a free healer character and increase your DPS character more freely. On the other hand, if you get a DPS like Yangqing, you can release Dan Heng with the same role and so on.

That way, you can get a clearer team, and with better strengths.

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