How do I Publish a Long Video on Instagram Stories?

Stories have become one of Instagram’s main attractions. The most popular photo social network in the world is now a success in videos thanks to this initiative. However, due to a 15-second time limitation, many wonder how to make a long video on Instagram Stories.

Unfortunately, the social network’s native tool to solve this problem is still being slowly released to users. However, there are helper apps that can help you out and allow you to split larger videos into several parts for posting.

Posting long videos on Instagram Stories

To be able to publish longer videos on Instagram you will need to divide them into several parts. This can be easily done with the Story Split app, available for free on the Play Store. Just download and launch the app to start editing your videos.

Step 01: When you open the application, it automatically accesses your image and video gallery.

At this point, select any video of yours that is more than 15 seconds long. Preferably, choose one that is at least one minute long.

Step 02: when selecting the video, more information about it is loaded

You can check the duration, define the size of each part (for Stories, choose 15 seconds) and the image quality. The application also shows a preview of how many parts will be needed to cut the entire video.

Step 03: when configuring the settings, tap “Continue” and wait for processing.

Step 04: Now, just check all the cut videos in your image gallery.

To publish them on Instagram Stories, simply access the social network and tap the option to post Stories from a video in the gallery.

Step 05: tap and hold on the first part and then select all other parts that will be posted.

The app creates a numbered sequence of parts so you don’t get lost.

Step 06: Finally, tap “Next” and wait for the videos to be published.

When they are all loaded, you will see that their order has resulted in a longer video, subdivided into several Stories. Simple, right?

Instagram Stories: a worldwide phenomenon

According to data released by Facebook in June this year, today Instagram Stories has around 400 million daily active users. The number is enough to put the service ahead of Snapchat, the competitor that gave rise to the idea, which today has around 191 million active users per day.

In relation to the penultimate report, released in November 2017, growth was 33% – at the time, 300 million active users were recorded per day.

The tool is second only to WhatsApp Status, which is currently estimated to have 450 million active users per day. In other words, it is an excellent channel to share your posts.

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