7 best photo editors with artificial intelligence in 2024

We have prepared a list of the best photo editors for PC and mobile with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence photo editors have revolutionized the way images are edited. Through intelligent algorithms that interpret commands in natural language, otherwise complex tasks are automated efficiently, saving valuable time for users.

These resources are present in tools from publishers already known on the market or they may be websites that have gained strength in the market with the growth of the world of artificial intelligence. With this in mind, we brought a series of resources that can be useful in everyday life.

Best AI Photo Editors

1. Photoshop Generative Fill

Generative Fill, or Generative Fill in English, is a feature of Photoshop, one of the main image editing software, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate new content in images through language commands.Playvolume

It can be used to remove unwanted objects, expand images, create new compositions, among many other features. The feature works using Adobe Firefly technology, capable of analyzing the context of the image and creating realistic pixels that integrate perfectly around the selected area.

Generative Fill is one of Photoshop’s features, which requires a paid subscription.

2. Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an image editor that has more than 20 unique photo effects and advanced editing tools. It allows you to enhance photos and make them look professional. AI analyzes each image and automatically applies intelligent adjustments like color correction, sharpening, and noise removal.

However, Luminar Neo goes beyond the classic edition. This is because the application’s artificial intelligence is able to simply and quickly perform specific tasks that were previously complex and time-consuming, such as removing unwanted objects from photos or creating creative and innovative compositions.

Luminar Neo is not free, but it does offer a 7-day free trial. During this period, you are allowed to test all software features without restrictions.

3. Midjourney and DALL-E 3

Midjourney and DALL-E 3 are both artificial intelligence (AI) image generators capable of converting text into photos and images. It allows you to transform any prompt into an image, creating illustrations similar to drawings with more realistic images.

DALL-E 3 is a feature of ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. However, to use it you need to subscribe to one of the paid plans, ChatGPT Plus or Team.

To use Midjourney you must have a Discord account and access the service’s server. Like DALL-E 3, Midjourney is a paid service, available in basic, standard and pro plans.

4. Topaz Photo AI

Topaz Photo AI is photo editing software that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly enhance images. In addition to conventional editing tools, the program offers a complete solution for improving photos

Among the features present in Topaz Photo are noise reduction, increased sharpness, image enlargement, object recognition and removal of JPEG artifacts. This is all available when paying for the premium service, which costs US$199 and can be used on up to two computers.

AI applications for mobile devices

Image editing using artificial intelligence can be better used on more powerful computers with a better internet connection. This is due to the fact that AI processing requires considerable computational power to ensure exceptional quality results.

However, there are some options available on the market that may appeal to those who are less demanding and need quick alternatives. This is because there are image editors available for mobile devices, both with Android and iOS operating systems.

5. Fotor

A cross-platform photo editing program that can be used on mobile devices, computers and also as a web application. It is known as Photoshop Lite, because it is simple and easy to use.

The program has several features, with emphasis on editing tools based on artificial intelligence that can automatically improve the quality of photos. Fotor has a free version and also offers a paid version with additional features.

6. Lensa

It is an image editing application for mobile devices that uses artificial intelligence to edit photos. It works like a traditional editor, but with some artificial intelligence features.

One of the highlights is the Magic Avatars function, which creates artistic portraits from selfies, with different artistic styles, such as fantasy, comics and Renaissance.

Lensa has a paid version, with all the features, and a free version, which allows basic editing and trying out the Magic Avatars tool with a limited number of avatars.

7. Galaxy AI

Galaxy AI is a suite of artificial intelligence tools exclusive to Samsung smartphones. Its features include several AI tools for editing images and photos.

The company highlights automatic optimization, filter suggestions, removal of unwanted objects, colorization of old photos, portrait mode with background blur and lighting adjustments, among others.

It is available on Samsung devices with One UI 6.1 operating system.

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