6 Ways to Automatically Bomb WhatsApp Chats In 2024

Prank pranks on friends’ WhatsApp with LabaLabi are still very common. Moreover, currently there are several WhatsApp chat bomb methods that are simple and quite effective.

WA chat bombing is the act of sending a large number of messages to one person in a short time. It’s similar to spam , right? However, many people deliberately use this trick to prank friends, relatives or girlfriends on WhatsApp.

Are you curious about how to bomb WhatsApp chat? Here are some popular methods that people use. Check it out!

1. Online WhatsApp Bomb with the Labalabi for WhatsApp Application

Labalabi for WhatsApp is an application that provides a WhatsApp chat bomb service with advanced features that can send hundreds to thousands of chats quickly with just a few clicks.

The Labalabi for APK WhatsApps application can be used for various purposes, such as greeting friends, sending information, or even for fun. Here is how to use Labalabi for WhatsApp:

  1. Download and open the WA Labalabi spam chat APK.
  2. Tap the Get Started button and give the application a number of access permissions to the device.
  3. Tap I Accept on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy page.
  4. Activate the Accessibility Service Settings slider.
  5. Scroll down and select the WhatsApp/BWhatsApp Labalabi menu.
  6. Enter the destination WhatsApp number, number of bomb chats and WA spam messages.
  7. Select the WhatsApp application option and tap the Send button.

2. How to Bomb WhatsApp Chats with the Blank Messages Application

Apart from LabaLabi, there is also an alternative WA APK chat spam using Blank Message created by the developer Rocketech Apps.

Quite different from the WA spam application used previously, Blank Messages allows you to spam empty chats to WhatsApp contacts of your choice.

This sounds interesting, doesn’t it, considering that automatically sending empty WhatsApp messages is not possible via the official WhatsApp application.

So that you don’t get curious, here’s how to send blank WhatsApp messages automatically using Blank Messages:

  1. Download Blank Messages. Open the application.
  2. Select the number of empty chat spam to send.
  3. Adjust the chat format settings if necessary.
  4. Tap the Send menu and select the Send via WhatsApp option.
  5. Select the intended WhatsApp contact and tap Send.
  6. Finished. Examples of WA chat spam like the one above will be sent directly to the destination number.

3. How to Bomb WhatsApp Online with the Text Repeater Application

Next, you can use the Text Repeater application to send spam chat to WA contacts on your cellphone. The method is also similar to the two previous WA chat bomb APKs. Here’s the guide:

  1. Download the Text Repeater application.
  2. Open the application then select the Repeated Text menu.
  3. Enter text in the Enter Text field.
  4. Determine the amount in the Repetition Limit column.
  5. Check New Line and click Generate.
  6. You can immediately see the chat which will later be sent to the target contact.
  7. Click the Copy button to copy it.
  8. Open the WhatsApp application and paste the chat into the desired contact.
  9. Apart from Repeated Text, you can also try other unique features such as Repeated Letter with WhatsApp emoji.

4. WhatsApp MOD application

Apart from using the WA chat bomb script application above, you can also use WhatsApp MOD APK as another alternative.

The WhatsApp MOD application is a modified WhatsApp application that can be accessed for free and offers a multitude of interesting features that are not available in the official application.

WhatsApp MOD bomb text also provides a built-in spam chat feature so you can immediately use this feature. To find out the complete list of WhatsApp MOD applications, check the following article!

Download the Latest GB WhatsApp APK Version 19.50 2023, Complete with the Latest FeaturesGB WA 19.50 is available and can be downloaded here! Experience a more private and enjoyable communication experience using this modified APK.

5. How to Spam WA Without an Application

Apart from additional applications, there are also other ways that can be done without an application. In this discussion, ApkVenue will explain how to bomb WA without a special application on a laptop or PC. In other words, here you can only use WhatsApp Web to do it.

  1. Copy the chat bomb script which you can see here.
  2. Open WhatsApp Web and specify the destination contact.
  3. Right-click on the chat column, then select the Inspect menu.
  4. Click the Console menu and paste the spam script. Press Enter.
  5. Type the spam message you want to send, then click the SPAM button.
  6. Determine the number of chat bombs and click OK.

Oh yes, after using this feature, make sure you log out of WhatsApp Web first and log in again before opening another contact’s chat room or group.

If the spam feature is still active, you will automatically send chat spam to the WA contact whose chat room you opened . Don’t let your carelessness result in you being kicked out of the WhatsApp group, okay?

6. How to Spam Text Viruses with Virtex WA

Different from the reference above, Virtex WA is a script that can make WhatsApp recipients lag, go blank, or even not be able to open it after they receive the Virtex message you sent.

Please remember, this method is quite risky because it can harm your cellphone and the recipient. If you’re still curious, here’s how to use Virtex WA, Termux! At your own risk, OK!

  1. Download the fierce Virtex WA here.
  2. Open the script file.
  3. Copy Virtex WA earlier.
  4. Open the WhatsApp application ( WA Immune application is recommended ).
  5. Create a new message and add the destination contact.
  6. Paste Virtex WA Lag in the chat column.
  7. Press the Send button.

It is recommended not to send too many Virtex WAs because this could put you at risk of account suspension from the developer.

The Dark Side of the WhatsApp Bomb Application

Please remember, behind the sensation and excitement, the WhatsApp bomb application also contains a number of risks that you need to know about. So, use it wisely!

  1. Device damage: Using chat bombs via WhatsApp may contain malware that damages the device. This malware can steal personal data, damage files, and even take over your device, you know.
  2. Account hacking: Carrying out chat bombs can also potentially hack your WhatsApp account and be used for fraud if you use fake applications. Make sure you do your own research before choosing the application to use.
  3. Account blocking: WhatsApp can block a user’s account if they use an application that violates WhatsApp policies. Therefore, as a user you must be careful and follow WhatsApp policies to avoid blocking.

The final word

That’s how to bomb WA on Android and PC which can be a reference for you using the application or without the application. You can also send WhatsApp chat bombs using the broadcast feature, you know!

Apart from WA chat bombs, ApkVenue also provides a way to send text viruses, aka Virtex WA, which can cause the recipient’s cell phone to error instantly. However, make sure you do this within reasonable limits, OK!

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