Check Out the Best Plugins for ChatGPT

Expand the power of ChatGPT with plugins and have more features at your fingertips. The artificial intelligence revolution is advancing rapidly, and plugins for ChatGPT have gained a prominent role in expanding the platform’s functionalities. These extensions offer specialized tools to improve AI performance and benefit all ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Best Plugins for ChatGPT

Now, we will explore some of the most interesting plugins for ChatGPT, valued for their ease of use and their potential to boost productivity and creativity.

Web Requests

Breaking down knowledge barriers

“Web Requests” plays a crucial role in overcoming ChatGPT’s possible knowledge limitations. Although AI can access links, the interaction is not always effective. This plugin enables ChatGPT to analyze user-supplied links, extract information from pages and incorporate it into its responses.

Furthermore, “Web Requests” bypasses the blocks that some websites impose on direct access to ChatGPT, paving the way for more fluid and comprehensive navigation. If you need ChatGPT to access up-to-date information from the internet, this plugin is essential.


The power of mathematics just a command away

Students in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) certainly know Wolfram Alpha, an incredibly powerful tool for calculations, graphs and explanations.

“Wolfram” plugin integrates this power into ChatGPT. Need to solve a complex equation? This plugin generates detailed graphics and shows the solution step by step, making it an invaluable support in studies.

Video Caption

Smart transcription that saves you time

The “Video Caption” plugin brings a unique functionality: it extracts the complete transcription of YouTube videos and allows the user to ask questions directly about the content. It’s a great way to quickly understand the essential points of a video without having to watch it in its entirety.

It is worth remembering that, like any AI, the system can introduce inaccuracies in the interpretation. Therefore, it is recommended to use this feature carefully and verify the information received.

Prompt Perfect

Improve your starting commands

Have you ever found yourself stuck when writing a good “prompt” (initial command) for ChatGPT? The “Prompt Perfect” plugin comes to resolve this issue. 

When you type the word “perfect” before your prompt, it is sent to the plugin servers, which analyze it and return a more elaborate and structured version. This increases the chances of you getting the desired answer or result much more efficiently.


An immersion in the world of academic research

If you are a researcher or university student, “ScholarAI” will become an indispensable tool. It is designed to search academic article summaries, accurately generate citations, answer complex paper questions, and much more. This plugin adds immense value to your research flow, saving time and expanding your access to scientific studies.

Final considerations

ChatGPT plugins are an invaluable addition for those who want to unlock the full potential of the service, despite requiring a Plus subscription.

With hundreds of plugins available, it’s worth taking the time to explore the options and discover surprising features. You might be surprised by the versatility they add to your ChatGPT experience.

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