5 Ways to Make the AC Cool Again?

When the temperature is hot, it’s best to turn on the AC. However, the taste is different from the first time you bought it, right? The AC is not cold and is not good enough to fight the hot sun. Should you buy a new AC?

Before getting rid of it, you can try making the AC cool again with the following steps. Some methods may not directly make the AC cold, but the temperature can be better after regular maintenance.

How to make the AC cool again

There are many reasons why the AC is not as cold as when you first bought it. Apart from the age of use, the maintenance that has been carried out also has an influence, you know. Could it be that all this time you have only been using it without carrying out regular maintenance? Well, that’s the problem. 

As long as the device has not suffered major damage, it is never too late to make the AC cooler again. Here are several methods you can use to achieve this goal. 

1. Change filters regularly

Air conditioner aka AC has a filter that can be used to filter the air flow. Well, with use, the filter can become dirty due to a buildup of dust, fur, hair and other invisible particles. As a result, the AC is no longer optimally cold.

Try to remember the last time you changed the filter. Don’t replace it, but when was the last time you cleaned the AC filter? If you haven’t yet, then now is the time. A dirty AC filter can make the device work harder so it heats up easily without making the room temperature colder.

2. Clean the AC thoroughly

Still related to dirt, you can also ‘wash the AC’ as a way to make the AC cool again. Reported by Top Air Cond Service, this step can be done by spraying the outside of the AC unit to clean dirt in the air ducts.

If you are not sure how, you can hire a professional AC cleaning service. Don’t forget to pay attention to how this is done, OK? You can use this knowledge at any time, you know.

3. Prevent short cycling

What is short cycling? Not a short bike ride, you know. Short cycling is a term when the AC turns on and off for a very short time. You might think this would save more electricity. In fact, this habit actually triggers the compressor to work harder, which can make the AC feel hot.

Instead of being more economical, short cycling habits can also increase electricity bills. Instead, just turn on the AC when it is used for a long period of time. If left for a moment, simply increase the temperature or use power saving mode.

4. Use the right refrigerant

Air conditioner, aka air conditioning, requires a refrigerant which functions to absorb heat from the air so that it feels cooler. When it comes to room air conditioning, the refrigerant is also often referred to as freon water. Even though it is in liquid form, the refrigerant will turn into gas after passing through the evaporator and compressor.

So, choosing the right refrigerant is one way to make the AC cool again. Usually, you can entrust the replacement of the refrigerant fluid to AC cleaning staff.

5. Proper placement

Changes in the AC that is no longer cold can also be triggered by incorrect placement. For example, previously the AC was left on without obstructions, but now you place tall furniture such as cupboards under the AC so that the air flow is blocked. This automatically makes the AC not feel completely cold. You also need to pay attention to the space according to the AC capacity. 

Apart from that, it is important to pay attention to the placement of the AC unit outside the room. The HVAC system is indeed resistant to heat exposure. However, placing the outdoor AC unit in a place exposed to direct sunlight (without shade) can make the unit hotter, possibly affecting the cooling performance indoors.

Try to re-evaluate the AC maintenance you have done so far. If it turns out that something is missing or has never been done at all, start implementing methods to make the AC cold again from now on. The steps above also help the AC to last longer, you know!

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