Angular Vs React Vs Vue, Which to Choose In 2024?

When developing a web app, you need to decide which frontend framework to choose, whether it is Angular Vs React Vs Vue. If you don’t know which one you should use, please read the following article as we will explain the differences.

Please note that currently there are three top front-end frameworks or libraries recommended by experts, namely Angular Vs React Vs Vue. When you plan to work on a digital web app development project, you need to determine which technology should be used.

Angular is a comprehensive framework and implements best practices in application development. With Angular, developers can create powerful applications. On the other hand, React is not a framework, but rather a UI library for creating unique user interfaces.

Meanwhile, Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework used to develop web applications. The following is a complete explanation regarding Angular Vs React Vs Vue.

Mengenal Angular Vs React Vs Vue


Angular is one of the best frameworks developed by Google. This framework was first launched in 2010, making it the oldest among Vue and React. Angular is a popular TypeScript-based framework and has an MIT license.

This license provides limited reuse restrictions. In 2016, changes occurred and a new version of Angular was released, namely version 2. In this version, JavaScript was removed from the name, so version 2 onwards is known as Angular, while version 1 is called AngularJS.


React is a library developed by Facebook. This library was developed in 2013 and has since been used to develop complex applications. React also uses the MIT license.

It should be noted that Facebook itself uses React and React Native in developing its products such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.


Vue is one of the most popular frameworks and also the youngest among the three. This framework was developed in 2014 by Evan You, a former Google employee. Vue also uses the MIT license.

Over the past few years, Vue has experienced significant development, and new versions of Vue are always announced via the official Vue website. Vue has its own GitHub repository and also supports the use of TypeScript.

Comparison of Angular Vs React Vs Vue

1. Popularity

Please note that among all the popular web application development frameworks, ReactJs is in 2nd place with 35.9%, Angular is in 3rd place with 25.1%, and VueJs is in 7th place with 17.3%.

Angular is a product of Google so that automatically makes it a popular choice among developers. This framework is often used to develop large applications by experienced developers.

React is also a very popular JavaScript library. This product was developed by Facebook. Meanwhile, Vue has a higher level of independence when compared to Angular and React. This framework has a strong open-source community.

2. Community

When comparing Angular Vs React Vs Vue regarding its community, Vue has a very large number of watchers and forks which makes it very popular.

However, the number of contributors for Vue is lower when compared to React and Angular. Meanwhile, Angular and React have support from a number of Google and Facebook employees who are members of their communities.

3. Performance and memory

Web application performance is greatly influenced by the framework used. Therefore, developers will check scalability (a framework’s ability to handle large-scale projects), integration, and reliability before choosing the right framework.

For comparison between Angular Vs React Vs Vue, performance can be tested using DOM and JavaScript framework benchmarks. Angular relies on the real DOM for its performance, while React and Vue use the virtual DOM concept.

When a frontend framework uses a virtual DOM, it can reduce the problem of repeated rendering or application display updates, ultimately making web applications more responsive and fast.

4. Angular vs React vs Vue Startup Time Comparison

When we compare the startup time of these three JavaScript frameworks, there is a general understanding among professionals that Vue has the edge in terms of startup time. This is due to its small size which can reduce startup time significantly. This ultimately helps in creating responsive applications.

Developers can also achieve similar results when using React in the web application development process. However, this does not apply to Angular because it is larger and more complex.

5. Comparison for its use

  • Angular: Suitable for building large-scale web applications with rich and complex features. This framework offers a well-organized structure and is suitable for large projects involving teams of developers.
  • React: Suitable for building interactive and dynamic user interfaces (UI). React uses a component-based approach to building UIs, so complex UIs can be created easily and managed efficiently.
  • Vue: Suitable for building single-page applications (SPA) where the web page does not need to be reloaded every time it changes pages. Vue.js offers ease of use and great flexibility, making it suitable for small and medium projects.

6. Comparison for companies/brands that use it

Following is a list of top companies/brands that use React for their frontend development:

  • Yahoo
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • New York Times

Following is a list of top companies/brands that use Angular for their frontend development:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • Deutsche Bank
  • PayPal

Following is a list of top companies/brands that use Vue for their frontend development:

  • Xiaomi
  • Reuters
  • Adobe
  • Grammarly
  • Behance

That is the explanation we can give regarding the comparison of Angular Vs React Vs Vue. In choosing the right framework between Angular, React, or Vue it is important to look at the project needs and the development team’s preferences. 

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