8 Best Financial Control Apps to Organize Your Accounts in 2024

Tools for Android and iOS help you control expenses and keep your budget on track. Controlling your finances on a monthly basis is important for a number of reasons. It is from graphs and spreadsheets that you have an idea of ​​how much you are spending and where your money goes every month, for example.

Furthermore, this is an essential step for anyone starting out in the world of investments, as it is from this control that you set aside a value to start earning

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this with pen and paper or start a spreadsheet from scratch in an Excel file. Below, we have selected some applications for mobile devices that act as assistants in these cases.

The best financial control apps for Android and iOS

1. My Savings | Finance

  • Download: Android / iOS

This free application for controlling finances is one of the most basic and effective for this function. With an intuitive interfaceMinhas Economias is a good gateway for those who want to track their expenses on a daily basis.

The tool allows you to register credit cards and monitor expenses monthly so as not to exceed the limit — which the user establishes at the time of initial configuration. Additionally, you can separate expenses by category such as food or leisure, to understand the most frequent destinations of your salary.

2. Money Lover: Cost Manager

  • Download: Android / iOS

Money Lover: Cost Manager is a free application to download (and with features locked by subscription) and transform into your main finance control. It has more complete monitoring of earnings and expenses, including comparative graphs by category and period.

With the service, you can also predict expenses based on previous habits. It also has an extra security password to guarantee user privacy and the possibility of synchronizing data with other mobile devices.

3. Monefy – Budget Manager

  • Download: Android / iOS

Aimed at those looking for a simpler, more manual personal expense tool, Monefy is a complete and easy-to-use financial expense recording application. It is free to download but has a premium version with more features.

It has a budget planner for you to set goals and limits. Among finance control, there is even a function to organize monthly recurring payments such as bills and streaming subscriptions. In addition, it is also possible to create a family budget spreadsheet to control expenses and earnings for all members of the household. 

4. Wallet – Budget Manager

  • Download: Android / iOS

Wallet – Budget Manager is a finance control application focused on organization. In it, you even receive notifications with payment deadlines or if you exceed the spending limit in certain categories.

The tool not only concentrates operations but also creates reports and summaries for you to better understand the information. He even plans flexible budgets for his future.

Furthermore, it automatically connects with your bank so you don’t need to manually register each transaction.

5. Mobills: Personal Finance

  • Download: Android / iOS

This management tool organizes and displays accounts payable, expenses and income, in addition to tracking your income. With Mobills you can also create personalized goals such as taking a trip or even planning for retirement.

The app has a web version to be accessed directly from the browser and, in Premium mode, it allows the user to connect bank accounts and cards to automatically synchronize earnings and expenses.

6. Beyond the Budget – Planner

  • Download: Android

Além do Orçamento – Planendador is a very complete and professional application for controlling finances. In addition to helping you with the organization, it is even capable of helping with long-term issues.

This is because the service has a debt planner that helps you chart a path out of the red. It also has budget forecast charts daily bill or goal reminders and an impulsive spending tracker — which identifies patterns and tries to help you have healthier purchasing habits.

7. Organizze: Personal budget

  • Download: Android / iOS

Organizze is a finance organization platform with an attractive look and easy navigationIn addition to the basic features for controlling your savings, it is full of interface customizations including a dark mode and various colors or labels to create spending categories. This tool also imports bank notifications to concentrate your information in one place.

It is a very complete personal budgeting application, but it works on a paid basis. It has a seven-day trial period with all features enabled, so you can evaluate whether it is worth paying for the license.

8. Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

  • Download: Android / iOS

Goodbudget is a popular finance tracking app with mobile and browser versionsIt divides your budget into “envelopes”, so you have an idea of ​​goals and limits for spending in each category.

The tool includes a location-based widgetexpense analysis reports, and financial planning tips. To personalize the experience, you can also configure the app according to your budget and consumption profile

So, which of these personal finance control apps is your favorite? Are there any tools that were left out on the list? Leave your contribution in the comments!

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