11 Best Google Chrome Extensions For ChatGPT

ChatGPT has definitely revolutionized the way we interact with artificial intelligence. And, to make this experience even richer, several Google Chrome extensions were developed to enhance its functionalities.

The coolest thing about this is that they perform functions that are often only present in the paid version of the AI, which costs 20 dollars a month. This way, gaining productivity and saving money at the same time is an excellent choice, right? 

Best Google Chrome Extensions For ChatGPT

Below, we’ve gathered some of the best chrome extensions available that promise to take your experience to another level:

1. ChatGPT Writer

This extension is a great help for anyone who needs to write emails and messages quickly. Based on keywords, it generates complete texts, which is especially effective in Gmail.

2. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude

This extension is ideal for those who want to get the gist of long videos. It basically provides quick summaries of YouTube videos making learning faster.

In fact, you can simply upload the entire video transcript to ChatGPT and work with questions and content creation from the video. Super recommended!

3. Voice Control for ChatGPT

Turn your interaction with AI into a real conversation. With this extension, you can send voice commands and receive audio responses.

4. ChatGPT for Google

Direct integration with search engines. When searching, this extension shows ChatGPT responses alongside traditional results.

5. Merlin

Access ChatGPT from any page with a simple right-click shortcut. Ideal for those who need quick answers without opening a new tab. 

6. ChatGPT Summary for Chrome

Browsing and want a summary? This extension generates quick summaries of any web page, making it easier to understand.

7. ChatGPT to Notion

Integrate your experience using artificial intelligence with Notion. With one click, send answers and information directly to your notes

8. Enhance ChatGPT

An extension that enhances the default chatbot interface by adding features like chat export and prompt templates.

9. WritingMate.ai

A writing assistant at your side. This extension offers pre-defined templates for different types of texts, making writing easier.

10. WebChatGPT

A powerful combination of ChatGPT’s AI with information from search engines through traditional search results, ensuring always up-to-date answers.

11. Split Long Text for Chat GPT

For those who frequently face the challenge of sending lengthy texts to ChatGPT, this extension is the perfect solution. The extension is designed to automatically split long texts into smaller segments, allowing them to be sent to the robot without exceeding the character limit.

This is especially useful for users who want to gain insights or detailed analysis of longer documents or articles without having to manually wrap the text. With just a few clicks, the extension optimizes your text for fluid interaction with ChatGPT.

Extensions for ChatGPT in the Chrome browser are strong allies that can significantly improve your experience with the chatbot. Stay up to date with the latest technological news on the Positivo do Seu Jeito blog and be much more productive

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