Convert PDF to Word: Here Are the Steps In 2024

A PDF file is in a universally compatible format that can accommodate content of various types: texts, images, tables, graphics, etc. However, what happens when we want to make a modification to the file itself? A useful and practical option is to convert PDF to WORD format so that, from there, the desired changes can be made without any complications. 

To know how to convert PDF to WORD, we show you the step by step that must be followed on the SmallPDF website.

Steps to convert PDF to WORD online

First of all, it is important to know that it is not necessary to install any program. The entire procedure can be done through SmallPDF, a website where this conversion can be done quickly, effectively and very easily. These are the steps that must be followed.

Step 1: Choose the file

In the first SmallPDF window, a button appears that must be clicked to choose a file. Directly, we can choose the PDF document that is on our computer. It is selected and click on “open” so that it is uploaded. 

It is also possible to drag the file from the folder to the SmallPDF screen so that it is uploaded. In this way, the document is uploaded correctly and you can continue with the next step.

Step 2: Convert the file

The next step is converting the file. You can see the “continue” button that we must click for the document to be converted. You simply have to wait a few seconds and the procedure will be carried out properly. 

In addition, SmallPDF guarantees speed and does not take too long, so that you can have the WORD document in a very short time.

Step 3: download or share

At this point, the document has been converted to WORD and the document can be downloaded or shared. In the first case, the download goes directly to the computer, leaving the document saved in the downloads folder. 

However, another very interesting possibility opens up: directing the file to Dropbox, Google Drive or SmallPDF PRO (a paid account that offers multiple advantages for users who need to carry out file and document conversion processes).

As for the “share” button, you can send the document to other platforms, to your personal email or to a user with an electronic device. To carry out this procedure, it is necessary to register on the website and open an account there.

Finally, the WORD document is directed to the downloads folder on your computer or to a special folder prepared for this purpose. In addition, you can open the document and work freely on it to make all those modifications to the content that were initially in PDF format.

In short, SmallPDF is considered a useful and practical resource for converting a PDF document into WORD. In a simple and fast way, a service is available that guarantees maximum efficiency while enjoying the best security.

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