3 Easy Ways to Add a Signature to PDF

Various documents have now switched to digital versions. Although more concise, this is a little difficult. One of them is when you have to put your signature on certain types of documents. To do this, of course you can’t use an ordinary pen, right?

You need special steps to add a signature to PDF. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. There are things you can do without having to download an application. 

1. How to add a signature to PDF online

Compared to others, this first method can be said to be the easiest. You can rely on sites that provide a feature to attach digital signatures to documents. These sites include SmallPDF, iLovePDF, SodaPDF, and so on.

In general, the usage steps are the same. You need to upload the document first, then enter the signature, then save the signed file back.

For example, IDN Times uses SmallPDF to add signatures to documents. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Smallpdf.com site in your browser
  2. In the tools section, select eSign PDF or you can directly open the menu at smallpdf.com/id/tanda-tangan-pdf
  3. Upload  the file you want to sign by clicking the ‘Choose File’ option
  4. After that, you will be directed to the  preview page
  5. Continue by clicking the signature icon in the top right corner of the editing page
  6. In the pop up menu  that appears, select ‘Add Signature’
  7. Put your signature first in the box provided
  8. After that, click ‘Create Signature’ and  your signature will appear
  9. Position the signature in the desired part of the document
  10. When finished, click ‘Complete & Sign’
  11. Wait for the upload process to complete
  12. Click ‘Download’ to save the signed document.

After carrying out all the steps above, check the download folder to ensure the document is available. Also, check whether the page with the signature is appropriate or not.

Disclaimer, before uploading the document you want to sign, read the privacy provisions of the website you are using again. This is important to ensure that uploaded documents are not shared, especially if you are signing important files.

2. How to add a signature to PDF offline

What if you are not connected to an internet network? If so, take advantage of the PDF reader application that is installed on your device. For example, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Nitro PDF, and many others. Similar apps provide the option to sign your files easily.

Even though the steps and buttons are not always exactly the same, in general the way to add a signature to a PDF offline is similar. Here’s the tutorial:

  1. Open the PDF document you want to sign with the PDF reader application
  2. Select the ‘Fill & Sign’ menu and select the document you want to sign
  3. Click the ‘Sign yourself’ option > ‘Add signature’, after which you will be directed to the box to add your signature
  4. A photo of the signature on the box is available
  5. Click ‘Add Signature’
  6. Continue by clicking ‘Apply’. This step will display the signature that has been created on the surface of the PDF document
  7. Position the signature as needed
  8. Click ‘Save’ to save the signed document.

3. How to add a signature to PDF from the default Mac application

If you use a desktop device from Apple, whether a Mac or Macbook, even an iPad, there is a much simpler way. No need to install applications or upload documents, just rely on the built-in ‘Preview’ application. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

  1. Open PDF files with preview
  2. At the top, select the highlighter icon with a circle to enter the editing page
  3. Next, click the signature icon at the top
  4. Select ‘Create Signature’
  5. Image of signature on the box provided
  6. Click ‘Add’
  7. Position the signature as needed
  8. Save the document and the signature will be automatically added.

The second and third options are considered safer because you don’t need to upload anything to cyberspace. However, you are free to choose how to add a signature to PDF that suits your needs.

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