10 Latest Ways to Hack WiFi Passwords

Who says breaking into WiFi can only be done by professional hackers? Even if you are an amateur, you can hack WiFi as long as you know the right tricks. What’s more interesting is that breaking into WiFi doesn’t always require an application.

This way to hack WiFi passwords without an application makes it easier for you when you have an emergency, such as forgetting your password. However, you should avoid using this method to steal other people’s internet networks, OK?

Hacking WiFi is an unauthorized action that violates privacy. In other words, this method is illegal. So, be wise in using this latest method to hack WiFi passwords, guys.

1. Reset the router

The latest way to hack the WiFi password can only be done if you have access to the router. This is a tool that connects electronic devices to an internet connection.

You can apply this method when you forget or want to change the WiFi password at home. The way to do this is to reset the router, but before that you have to log in to the router first. So, you can change your password easily.

Here are the steps to hack WiFi:

  1. Press and hold the ‘Reset Router’ button
  2. After 10 seconds, release the buttons and wait for  rebooting
  3. Then, change the username or change the password
  4. Open ‘Command Prompt’, then type ipconfig
  5. Look for an IPv4 address starting with
  6. Type 192.168.x.1. in the browser
  7. Then, replace ‘X’ with the number found during the ipconfig search.

2. Use Kali Linux

Hackers must be familiar with Kali Linux. This Debian-based operating system functions to hack networks. 

If you want to run Kali Linux, you don’t need to install it first on your laptop. Just run it via CD or USB key. By hacking the latest WiFi password, you can also fix weak points in the network.

Follow these steps and always be smart in using them:

  1. Open the terminal in Kali Linux
  2. Delete command airmon-ng start wlan0
  3. Then, type the command airodump-ng mon0 to monitor the network
  4. Determine the WiFi connection that you want to hack
  5. Open the terminal again and type mdk3 mon0 d
  6. Finally, write aircrack-ng -w /home/kbbi -b 54:A6:19:76:C7:F0 wificap-01.cap.
  7. Be patient first, wait until the WiFi password appears.

3. Use Command Prompt

Are you a Windows operating system user? Try this way to hack a WiFi password without an application because it only uses a feature in Windows, namely Command Prompt. Here are the methods you can try:

  1. Open the laptop
  2. Immediately press the combination key ‘Windows + R’
  3. Once a new window appears, type cmd and press ‘Enter’
  4. Then, enter the instruction netsh wlan show profile [WiFi Name] key=clear
  5. Press ‘Enter’ again
  6. Pay attention to the ‘Key Content’ section if you want to know the WiFi password that will be hacked.

4. Melalui menu Network and Internet

This method of hacking WiFi without an application is somewhat similar to the previous method. Still using the Windows operating system. You can use the Network and Internet menu in the Control Panel to peek at the WiFi password.

Here’s how to crack the latest WiFi password :

  1. Turn on the laptop or PC ( Personal Computer )
  2. Open the ‘Control Panel’ section > look for ‘Network and Internet’
  3. Klik ‘Network and Sharing Center’
  4. After a new window appears, click the ‘Manage Wireless Networks’ option
  5. Then, determine your target WiFi network, press ‘Wireless Properties’
  6. Select ‘Security’, then look at ‘Network Security Key’ to see the password
  7. Don’t forget to check ‘Show Characters’, OK?

5. Hack WiFi via Android

A fairly classic way to hack a WiFi network is to use the IP Address setting. Even though the success rate cannot be guaranteed to be 100%, the hacking method via IP Address settings is considered effective for hacking WiFi.id which is often found in public spaces.

Here’s how to crack the latest WiFi password:

  1. Connect the device with WiFi.id, select ‘WiFi’
  2. Select ‘Modify Network Configuration’ then change the IP address to
  3. Click ‘Save’
  4. Then open the browser and enter the address
  5. Write your username and password in the ‘User’ section.
  6. Click ‘Settings’ then ‘WiFi’
  7. Check the ‘SSID Name’ and ‘SSID Passphrase’ sections to find out the WiFi name and password.

6. Hack WiFi password via Android cellphone

You don’t need super sophisticated devices to hack WiFi, you know. Armed with just an Android cellphone, you can peek at other people’s WiFi passwords. However, you must remember, knowing the password without permission is illegal.

So, use the latest way to hack WiFi passwords without this application wisely. Do it with full awareness and responsibility. Realize that there is a big risk behind it. You should not hack WiFi because it has the potential to violate privacy and the law.

This hacking method can be applied via Xiaomi cellphones with all MIUI versions. These are the steps:

  1. Select the WiFi SSID that you want to hack
  2. Click ‘WiFi Network Settings’ and click ‘IP Settings’
  3. Change it to ‘Static IP Address’, then enter the IP address of the Xiaomi cellphone, Router IP, and DNS
  4. Confused about DNS contents? You can choose default
  5. Click ‘Save’
  6. Wait for the scan process to be successful.

There is no guarantee that this method will be effective, but you can try it as a first step. 

7. Use the WiFi Master application

Apart from how to hack the latest WiFi password without an application, there is also a way with an application. Because you use an application, you have to download the application first if you want to hack the WiFi password. The first application is WiFi Master.

Here’s how to use WiFi Master:

  1. Open your cellphone > download the WiFi Master application
  2. Install and open the application
  3. Click ‘Get more free WiFi’
  4. Select a WiFi network
  5. Wait for the password you are looking for to appear
  6. Finished.

8. Via the WiFi Warden application

WiFi Warden includes an application to crack WiFi passwords. The way it works is also not much different from the WiFi Master application.

Here are the steps to get the WiFi password:

  1. Open the cellphone 
  2. Download and install WiFi Warden
  3. Go to the home page
  4. Click the WiFi icon for which you want to know the password
  5. Click the icon, wait for the password to appear
  6. Finished.

9. You can use the WiFi Test application

Apart from these two applications, the latest way to hack WiFi passwords can be through the WiFi Test application. Although its main function is to check WiFi speed, this application can be used to find out passwords too.

Don’t forget to download and install the WiFi Test application first. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open your cellphone > enter the application
  2. Wait for the app to scan WiFi
  3. Select a WiFi network
  4. Wait for the WiFi password you are looking for to appear
  5. Finished.

10. List of applications that can be used to hack WiFi passwords

There are still many ways to hack the latest WiFi password. In fact, there are many applications that you can use. But once again, use this application wisely, OK?

Here is a list of WiFi password cracking applications that you can try:

  1. WiFi Password Map Instabridge
  2. WiFi Map
  3. WPSApp
  4. WiFi Password Viewer.

In general, the way to use these applications is the same as previous WiFi hacking applications. Download and install the application first. Then, search for WiFi in the app and wait for the password to appear.

Those are the 10 newest ways to hack WiFi passwords, you can use an application or without an application. All of the methods above are not necessarily successful because the process of breaking into WiFi passwords involves certain codes which are usually difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Even though these methods are also quite simple compared to other ways to hack WiFi passwords, don’t use them without careful consideration. Be aware that this method may violate privacy.

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