How to Install a VPN on a Laptop: Easy Steps 2024

Want to use a VPN? Virtual Private Network or VPN is a service that allows users to browse various pages using another web server. By installing a VPN on a laptop, this feature allows you to explore various countries around the world without being detected. 

Some VPN apps also offer features that let you set your location and choose your connection speed. Interesting right? 

To enable VPN, you must adjust the settings first. Don’t worry, how to install a VPN on your laptop is very easy. Follow the instructions below for more information.

This method of setting up the latest VPN on a PC or laptop does not require you to install an application. However, you need to install the extension available in Google Chrome. However, you can use this method in other browsers as well. This is just an example using Google Chrome.

To find out how to install a VPN on a laptop, it has actually been discussed a lot, but this time we will discuss how to activate VPN with a Chrome Extension.

How to Install a VPN on a Laptop: Easy and Free

There are many VPN extensions for Google Chrome. The appropriate extensions can be found on the page so let’s discuss how to easily install a VPN on a laptop.

For this tutorial, Blogsodara uses an extension called Touch VPN.

  1. Go to the Google extensions page > find the desired VPN extension (tap VPN) > install the extension. Follow the on-screen instructions
  2. In the top right corner, next to your Google profile picture, select the extension option marked with a puzzle icon
  3. Click the Touch VPN icon
  4. A new window will appear with a connect button, just click “Connect”.
  5. Wait for the connection process to succeed.

If successful, a “Stop” button will appear in the top right corner of the window. This plugin also provides ad, tracking, cookie, and malware blocking settings that you can use as needed. Perfect, right?

How to set up VPN on your PC or laptop with or without an app. There are simple and detailed. You can choose the easiest way according to your comfort and needs. Remember to use the internet responsibly and stay safe with a VPN, okay!.

We hope this post about How to Install a VPN on a Laptop: Easy and Free is informative and useful for you!

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