New iOS 10 Tricks and Tips In 2024

With the launch of Apple’s new mobile system, iOS 10, some new features emerged. As such, there are also new tricks and tips that you might not know about.

After the launch of the new iOS 10, iPhones received a different look, with more features and new details. As such, we leave some tricks and tips that can come in handy for those using iOS 10.

Press the main button? No thanks

A feature that came with Apple’s new mobile operating system was pressing the home button to unlock the device. This function may work well on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus since the button is not physical, but for those who have a previous model there is always the fear of breaking it more easily.

If you use an iPhone or iPad with a fingerprint, you can disable this function. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and turn off the press option.

Never forget where you parked your car again

Let the person who never had any doubts about where they parked their car cast the first stone. This is a common case for most drivers and iOS offers a solution that can come in handy.

New iOS 10 Tricks and Tips In 2024

If there is a GPS signal available, iOS can save the exact location where you parked the car on the map as soon as you turn it off. To do this, the device simply needs to be connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth. If available, the location will be displayed in the notification bar, thus avoiding some headaches.

Light tailored to everyone

The flashlight functionality is an asset in many situations, but in others, you don’t need a light as strong as the original. With iOS 10, and if you have a device with 3D Touch, you can adjust the intensity of the flashlight.

Just open the bottom panel and press the flashlight icon. Three intensity levels then appear and just choose the one that best suits the situation.

Share work more easily

The notes application received a new work tool. Now you can easily. Share notes with other users so that everyone can have access and edit notes together.

To share a note with friends or colleagues, simply write something in Notes and click on the icon that appears at the top of the screen with a silhouette and a “ + ” sign. Then, just choose how you want to send the invitation.

A question of aesthetics

This trick/tip is just a matter of presentation and taste, as it doesn’t change anything in terms of functionality.

In the Clock application , iOS also provides a stopwatch which, until now, was always in digital format. Now you can choose to have an analogue stopwatch. To do this, simply slide your finger over the stopwatch and a new format appears.

It doesn’t change anything what the chronometer can do, it just gives a different look to the traditional one.

A magnifying glass always with you

What if the iPhone’s camera app served as a magnifying glass? It may not be useful for everyone, but you never know when you’ll need to enlarge a text to be able to read it better.

In Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier you can activate this feature. Then just press the home button three times with the camera open and the iPhone turns into a magnifying glass.

Close everything at once

With the constant use of your device to browse the internet, it is normal to end up with several tabs open in Safari. Instead of closing one at a time, you can close them all with a single touch.

When you press the symbol that shows all the tabs that are open, a new menu with two options now appears. Create a new tab or close the number of tabs that are open. Just choose this option and that’s it, they’re all closed.

So what about notifications? They also all go at once

For users who have a device with 3D Touch, they have another advantage here.

In the notification center you can now delete them all with a single press. When pressing the clear button, the option “Clear all notifications” now appears and you can delete everything from the notification bar without wasting too much time.

A new twist on image editing

With iOS 10 you can personalize photos with your own designs. The edition thus gains a personal and fun touch.

To do this, you just need to open a photo and edit it. Then, when you click on the three dots in the top left corner, the Markup option appears, which allows you to draw and customize the photographs with other options. When everything is edited, just save.

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