Super Mario RPG (Switch): Check Out the List of Post-Game Bosses

The remake of Super Mario RPG does not reinvent the wheel and brings few dramatic changes to the classic Super Nintendo RPG. However, there is a great addition of content in the possibility of facing several of the game’s bosses again in different and much more challenging ways.

Super Mario RPG (Switch): Check Out the List of Post-Game Bosses

Follow the guide below to learn more about these optional confrontations and complete everything the game has to offer once and for all.

Just a dream

After you defeat Smithy, close the Super Mario RPG story and watch the credits, the game will save your progress and it will be possible to go back a little and continue with the same save in a state before the last dungeon confrontation.

The convenient explanation of the story is that Mario was sleeping and just dreamed of the final battle. After waking up at home, the plumber receives a message that he has the right to spend one night at the hotel in Marrymore.

Sleep at the hotel to see the scene of Geno looking at the stars through the window. After waking up, take Mario to Star Hill and touch the stars until you find the new pink stars on the ground.

Geno will recommend that you speak to Mallow’s adoptive father, the Frog Sage, to learn more about the new pink star orders. The wise old frog will give you tips on where you can find each of the bosses that can be defeated again. However, don’t worry, just read below and you will know exactly what to do and where to go.

Scratchy-Throat Belome

The first confrontation on the post-game boss list is against Belome in its Scratchy-Throat version. The battle against Angry Throat Belome isn’t all that different from previous encounters, but it’s certainly tougher than before. You will find him inside his temple, Belome Temple, which is in the Land’s End region.

Belome will create clones of your team’s own characters, and you will have to deal with them first. Bowser is the most inconvenient clone thanks to his large amount of health points, but Peach or Mallow are very easy to deal with.

Belome has 4600 HP and is weak to the elements Lightning (electric), Fear (fear), Poison (poison) and Mute (mute). The first step to defeating the boss as quickly as possible is to place the item that protects status changes (Safety Badge) on Peach to ensure her constant presence — and healing — during the confrontation.

When it comes to dealing damage, Mallow’s electric attack, Shocker, is extremely efficient at bringing the villain’s life points to zero. After defeating Belome, you will receive Mallow’s best weapon in the entire game, the Sage Stick.

Leveled-Up Punchinello

Your reunion with Punchinello in his new leveled-up version, Leveled-Up Punchinello, will happen again near the end of the mines in Moleville. This time, the master of explosions really invests in this theme and can only really be defeated if you use the villain’s own bombs.

With no weaknesses and very high defense, it’s not even that important that the boss only has 1200 HP. The boss will constantly summon bombs during the battle and if one of them explodes on one of your characters it is almost certain that he will perish. In this battle, action commands — precisely pressing the button when defending — are essential.

They are the small window of defense that prevents you from losing any life points and that can really help during this battle, so it’s worth training your finger. Dying is common in this confrontation, so bring plenty of the Pick Me Up item (which revives an ally).

Attacking Punchinello directly doesn’t do much good, but if you attack the bombs they can change direction and explode right in the boss’s face.

Remember not to use special area attacks to avoid attacking the bombs that are already facing Punchinello. After defeating Punchinello again, you will receive Bowser’s best weapon available in the game, the Wonder Chomp.

Engine 023 Booster

You will find Booster again at the top of the tower that bears his name, the Booster Tower. When you arrive, the villain will soon include you and the entire team in his train ride.

This battle is extremely frustrating if none of your characters have the speed necessary to attack before Booster, but it is quite easy if you are naturally fast.

Focus on the attacker with the highest speed in your party, which is probably Geno or Mario himself. To ensure your ally’s agility, equip the Feather item.

It’s important to be quick because Booster launches a train attack that can kill all your characters at once if you let him charge the attack completely while he works. To prevent this from happening, you need to break the villain’s concentration with an attack.

Peach can save him with any healing spells, but Mallow is even more useful in the confrontation. Booster’s minions are weak to the ice element and Mallow has access to Snowy, an ice spell that deals area damage. Another valid strategy is to simply focus Booster all the time and hit the 

action commands to use the area damage bonus from normal strikes.After defeating Booster, you will win Geno’s best weapon available in the game, the Stella 023.

Extra-Fancy Bundt

Peach’s almost-wedding cake with Booster is back, even more chic and special. Or rather, now it can easily blow up in your face if you let all the candles burn at the same time.

Bundt is accompanied in combat by two cooks who take no damage and who can light two of the five candles per turn (they each light one candle). Although the Big Cake’s minions cannot take damage, they can be incapacitated in one specific way: by sleeping.

Use and abuse Peach’s Sleepy Time spell to greatly slow down the biggest threat in the battle — or, if you prefer, also use Sleepy Bombs to put enemies to sleep. It is essential to protect Peach from Bundt’s possible status-changing attacks, so be sure to equip the Security Badge on the princess.

During the confrontation, it is also worth remembering that only physical attacks can extinguish the candles and buy more time for Mario and his gang.After defeating Bundt, you will receive the Enduring Brooch, an item that can revive an ally once per battle.

Duel-Ready Johnny

This is probably the most specific battle in the list of these reunions after the end of the game. When you face the pirate leader, Johnny, again, you will only be able to use Mario during combat.

Preparing for battle is as important as the confrontation itself. At the beginning of the confrontation, you can choose two allies to support Mario and help only passively. It’s advisable to go with Geno and Bowser, who offer an increase to your attack and defense.

As in many other battles at this point in the championship, action commands are essential for you to guarantee success. Defend as much as possible and maximize your damage to defeat the pirate shark and move on as quickly as possible.

The battle is extremely difficult if you don’t already have the Lazy Shell item set for Mario. Getting these shells is not that complicated, follow the guide to find them quickly and easily. After defeating Bundt, you will receive the Extra-Shiny Stone, an item that opens the door to the final battle against 3D Culex.

Mario-Style Jinx

Before facing the last boss, Monstro Town’s martial arts master asks to see a Triple Move (the special attack between the three characters on the team) in person. In this battle you just need to focus on charging the percentage to use a Triple Move as soon as possible, don’t worry about Jinx’s life points.

action commands as possible to ensure a good defense and revive your allies whenever necessary. In addition to Jinx’s powerful attacks, whenever you miss the perfect timing of an attack, she will counterattack and take away a large part of one of your characters’ life points.

After defeating Jinx in her Mario-style version, you will receive the Teamwork Band, an item that increases the efficiency of charging the Triple Moves bar.

3D Culex

The improved and three-dimensional version of Culex, the secret boss that seems to have come straight from any Final Fantasy, is not easy at all.

With 9999 HP, four crystals that release devastating spells, an initial attack that leaves everyone with one life point and even a turn counter that explodes your team again from time to time.

Peach is essential and protecting her with the Safety Badge and/or Lazy Shell armor can mean all the difference in the world at various times. Believe me, you will have to heal your entire group and constantly revive allies in this battle. 

Likewise, come to the confrontation carrying as many healing, status healing and revive items as you can — not to mention that it will help a lot if all your characters are at level 30, the highest level in the game.

The battle will be long and tedious, so the important thing is to be patient and gradually reduce Culex’s forces. Focus on each of the magic crystals and destroy them one at a time to make your life a lot easier over time.

As always, also be sure to hit action commands whenever possible. Everything that has happened so far in the game has prepared you for this battle, stay tuned and good luck.

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