How to Make a Job Application Letter and Examples

Creating a professional and attractive job application letter is a crucial step in getting the job you dream of. If you are a fresh graduate and don’t know how to make it, please read the following article. We will provide a guide for you.

When applying for a job, you don’t just prepare a curriculum vitae or Curriculum Vitae. You also need to write a job application letter to introduce yourself, convey your interest and motivation in applying for a job, and explain your qualifications and experience.

Before we share tips or how to write a job application letter, you need to understand first that a CV and a job application letter are two different things. CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a curriculum vitae that contains overall information about your work experience, education, skills, awards and achievements. 

Meanwhile, a job application letter is a document used by applicants to submit job applications to companies that are currently opening vacancies. This letter functions as an introduction explaining the applicant’s interest and motivation for applying for a job at the company. 

So, do you know what the differences are between the two documents? Now is the time for us to discuss how to write a professional job application letter. Come on, take a look!

How to Write a Professional Job Application Letter

1. Greet the recipient of the letter

First, fill in the date the letter was sent in the top right corner. Next, when writing a job application letter, make sure you open by addressing the recipient of the letter using the appropriate title, such as “Mr/Mrs” or “Recruitment Team”. If possible, find out the recipient’s full name to give the letter a more personal feel.

2. Use the right format

Start by writing your contact information at the top of the letter. You can include information such as name, address, telephone number, and email address.

3. Introduction and your purpose in sending the application letter

The main purpose of writing a job application letter is to introduce yourself to prospective companies and show your interest in the position you are applying for. So, start by briefly introducing yourself and conveying your interest in the company or position you want to apply for.

4. Highlight qualifications and experience

Briefly describe work experience, education, or skills relevant to the position you are applying for. Apart from that, you can also provide concrete examples of achievements or successful projects you have worked on to strengthen your qualifications.

5. Convey motivation

Explain why you are interested in the company or position. Show how your qualifications and experience match the company’s needs.

6. Use clear and professional language

When writing a job application letter, avoid using language that is too informal or does not fit the context of the job application letter. So, use formal sentences that are clear, short, and straight to the point.

7. Strong cover

Express your appreciation for the company’s considerations and express your hope for further discussion in the interview. Use a formal closing greeting, such as “Sincerely” or “Thank you for your attention.” Then sign the cover letter if printed, or use an electronic signature if you want to send it digitally.

9. Check again and revise

Always check for grammar, spelling, and spelling errors before sending a letter. This is important because writing errors can make you look careless. Apart from that, make sure the cover letter looks well-structured and easy to read.

By following the steps above, you can create a job application letter that is professional, reflects your qualifications well, and increases your chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

Example of a Job Application Letter

Once you know how to write a job application letter, below we provide an example that you can use as a reference. The following is an example of a job application letter to fill the position of Back-End Developer in an IT outsourcing company.


To Yth,

[Mr/Mrs/Recruitment Team Name]

[IT Outsourcing Company Address]

Yours faithfully,

I am the undersigned:

Name: …
Address: …
Email: …
Telephone number: …

Hereby, submit an application for the available Back-End Developer position at the company [Name of IT Outsourcing Company]. I am very interested in joining this company & contributing in producing innovative and quality IT solutions.

I have an educational background [Your Education Degree] and experience in software development, especially in the field of back-end development. I master the Java programming language and have in-depth knowledge of frameworks such as Spring & Hibernate.

For the past [number of years], I worked as a Back-End Developer in a leading IT company, where I was involved in the development of complex and high-demand systems. 

I have experience in designing and implementing efficient back-end architectures, ensuring data security, and improving web application performance. I am also skilled in testing, debugging, and system maintenance to ensure smooth operations.

I was attracted to the company [IT Outsourcing Company Name] because of its solid reputation for providing innovative, high-quality IT solutions. I am impressed with the talented team and collaborative work environment this company offers. I am confident that with my qualifications, experience and skills, I can contribute significantly in delivering reliable back-end solutions that meet client expectations.

I really appreciate the opportunity to meet you in a job interview. I am ready to provide a portfolio and further information about the projects I have worked on as a reference. Attached, I have included my CV which contains complete details about my background, education and work experience.

Thank you for your attention. I really look forward to joining the dynamic and innovative team at [Name of IT Outsourcing Company]. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute positively and expand my knowledge and skills.

my regards,

[Your name]


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