4 Simple Tips to Make Google Docs More Fun

The existence of the Google Docs suite is currently the main choice for many people when working on documents. Starting from school assignments to processing company data can be done online and in real-time.

In fact, for some people, their daily routine can no longer be separated from the various services provided by Google for free. Therefore, perhaps some Google Docs users feel bored with the appearance of the documents they create and work on.

Fortunately, Google shares several Google Docs tips or simple Google docs tricks that can make the process of working on documents in Google Docs more enjoyable, here are 4 tips.

1. Create new documents instantly in Google Docs

Even though it has a lot of practicality, the thing that Google Docs has been missing so far is when it comes to creating new documents.

Users must open the Google Docs site first, or go to Google Drive. Fortunately, now Google provides an instant method.

To create a new document in Google Docs, users just need to go to the ” Docs.new ” link (without quotation marks), and the new document will automatically open and be ready to be filled in.

2. Turn conversation into writing

For some people, typing may be more tiring than talking. And fortunately, there is a solution for users who want to create written documents without typing.

Google has included a feature called “Voice Typing” which will convert what users say into writing in Google Docs. To activate it, users only need to select the Tools menu, then select the Voice typing feature. Or users can also use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S.

3. Eliminate page breaks so that content is not cut off

By default, Google Docs provides a display with paper which means the content will be truncated when the number of characters or objects reaches the lower limit of the paper size.

And apparently, Google has provided a solution to make the Google Docs display appear without delay. So users can add larger tables or images.

The method is quite easy, users can go directly to:

  • Open File in the top left corner, then select Page Setup at the bottom
  • The Page Setup window will open, and you can immediately select “Pageless” to remove the document limitation.
  • Click OK to apply the settings

4. Make emoji a bullet point

If you are writing something that is not too formal, or if the writing is personal, you can also insert emojis into Google Docs.

These emojis can even be used as bullet points to make the list or sentence points you make more interesting.

The method is as follows:

  • Aktifkan Bulleted List (Ctrl+Shift+8)
  • Right click on the point, and select “More Bullets”
  • The “Insert special characters” window will open
  • In the options at the top left, users can search for Emoji
  • A list of emojis will open, select the desired ones
  • Close the window, and the bullet points now turn into emojis

Those are four simple Google Docs tips that will make the process of using Google Docs more enjoyable.

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