How Can I Recover Deleted Emails?

While e-mail is one of the most important communication tools in the business world, it is also a technology that affects business processes such as ordering, sales, control and department control. E-mail communication not only provides great convenience to businesses but also provides them with serious convenience regarding their communication processes. 

At this point, deleting e-mails and damaging the servers where e-mails are stored can cause serious damage to the professional processes of organizations. Deleting e-mails and making the servers where e-mail-related data are stored inaccessible cause major problems at this point. 

At this point, service solutions such as recovering deleted e-mails come into play. Before talking about the services in question, it would be useful to have information about deleting e-mails and e-mail protocols.

E-Mail Protocols and Deletion of E-Mail

Email protocols; They stand out as solutions that make it easier for users to communicate via e-mail resources. These protocols, called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ), allow e-mail transfer through certain servers. Processes such as sending, archiving, saving and deleting emails operate through these protocols. 

Deletion of e-mails may be a user decision or as a result of an error, or it may be due to user errors in the protocols. At this point, manipulating protocols with some technical processes can help recover deleted emails.

How to Recover Deleted Emails Without User Access?

Deleting e-mails from any e-mail server or e-mail account brings with it some cyber risks. Losing access to e-mails, especially those where serious user data is shared, will seriously disrupt business processes. 

Email recovery, which is one of the services to be used in such cases, helps you regain access to inaccessible emails. Likewise, such methods can be preferred to recover deleted emails.

Before focusing on each of the methods one by one, it would be useful to underline that there are different methods for each email source. 

Titles such as Outlook Mail recovery, which are the most popular e-mail sources or G-mail recovery of deleted e-mails, are the services that users pay most attention to. In this context, the prominent topics for email recovery can be listed as follows:

Recovering Outlook & Hotmail Mails

Outlook and Hotmail, which are the e-mail protocols provided by Microsoft and have the highest user volume, provide great convenience to their users for the recovery process. 

Microsoft, which offers its users a separate folder option for deleted e-mails, allows users to re-access their deleted e-mails thanks to these folders. 

Thanks to this area called “deleted mails folder”, e-mails deleted by mistake or by user initiative are stored for up to 30 days. Users who want to recover Outlook e-mails must restore their deleted e-mails through this folder for up to 30 days.

How to Recover Gmail Mail?

Recovering deleted Gmail emails stands out as a very easy process, thanks to similar usage options provided by Google. Within the scope of Gmail recovery, users can recover their e-mails through the deleted e-mail file. 

Thanks to these methods, which are a very simple application, users can recover their deleted e-mails on Gmail with just one click.

How to Recover Deleted Emails on the Server?

Infrastructures such as Microsoft Exchange Server are areas where businesses with intense e-mail flow store their e-mails. For problems such as server-based e-mail deletion, more technical solutions come into play. 

In particular, the Exchange server mail recovery process is based on returning emails via the shared server using a number of commands. Within the scope of this process, it would be beneficial for businesses to receive technical support as some technical optimizations are required on the database.

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