TikTok: Check Out Digital Safety Tips For Influencers

Hackers and scammers are on the prowl and always determined to extract sensitive data and information to gain an advantage. For those who create content on TikTok or other platforms, this can be even more devastating, as its broad reach allows the damage to affect multiple victims or tarnish their reputation.

Therefore, this text will provide practical and efficient guidance to safeguard your creative journey and your passion for producing content in the digital environment.

9 safety tips you need to pay attention to

1. Strengthen account security

One of the first and most important measures is to take precautions through resources that reinforce your security. This includes using strong and unique passwords, with at least 8 characters and preferably mixing numbers and upper and lower case letters, in addition to activating two-factor authentication (2FA). 

These basic practices can be the difference between keeping your account safe and experiencing an unwanted hack.

2. Manage Privacy Settings

On TikTok, you have control over who can see and interact with your content. Adjust your privacy settings to limit who can send you direct messages, comment on your videos, or even view your profile. 

This not only protects your privacy but also helps you filter out unwanted interactions, especially if you notice some suspicious users or haters.

3. Be VERY aware of phishing scams

As an influencer, you can certainly be a target for phishing scams looking to steal your login credentials. Always be alert to suspicious emails or messages that ask for personal information or direct you to strange websites. 

Remember, TikTok will never ask for your password via email or messages, so look twice or thrice before clicking any link you receive.

4. Control comments

TikTok allows you to filter and control comments on your videos. Use this tool to avoid spam, offensive comments or inappropriate content. This helps maintain a healthy and positive environment for your community.

5. Learn about Community Guidelines

Knowing TikTok’s rules is an important step to ensuring that your content remains within the platform’s rules, avoiding penalties or the removal of videos, as well as penalties that will reduce your reach. 

Additionally, understanding these guidelines helps you identify abusive content or behavior from other users.

6. Use digital well-being resources

The platform offers digital well-being features such as screen time limits and sleep modes. These tools can help you manage the time you spend on the platform, promoting a healthy balance between online and offline life.

7. Be suspicious of irresistible advertising proposals

Creators and influencers can receive various proposals for partnerships, sponsorships or collaboration opportunities. However, it is necessary to keep a critical and cautious eye on these offers. Proposals that seem too good to be true could be traps for phishing or other types of fraud.

8. Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks:

They may seem like a necessary convenience, but make no mistake: these networks can be fertile breeding grounds for hackers looking to access personal data and account information. Public networks often have limited security, making them vulnerable to attacks.

9. Stay up to date

Finally, it’s vital to stay informed about TikTok’s latest security updates and features. Follow official announcements and regularly update the app to ensure you are using the safest versions with the latest features.

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