The Latest Easy Way to Bring Up a Missing Cursor

Wouldn’t it be annoying if the cursor suddenly disappeared while actively using the laptop? In fact, you have to complete several things quickly.

If the cursor disappears, you can’t use the laptop at all even though the screen is on. To overcome this, follow the method for bringing up the latest missing cursor below.

Follow below steps to bring up missing cursor

Don’t rush to take your laptop to a repairman, okay? Try to deal with it yourself first, but still be careful.

1. Release the mouse

The missing cursor could be caused by a faulty mouse. Possible Bluetooth or USB mouse error. If this is the cause, then the way to bring up the missing cursor is to release the mouse

Try running the laptop without a mouse. Then, move the cursor with the touchpad on the keyboard. Has the cursor appeared and can be used? If it still doesn’t work, try the next method, okay?

2. Double-check the mouse settings

The cause of the missing cursor could be due to the mouse settings. This is very likely to happen if you use a mouse while operating a laptop. 

If the cursor suddenly disappears even though you have checked it several times, try checking the mouse settings on your laptop. It is possible that the laptop does not support using a mouse due to a change in settings.

Here’s how to bring up the missing cursor by checking the mouse settings. You can move the cursor even though it is not visible with the arrow and Enter keys on the keyboard.

  1. Keep the laptop open
  2. Press Windows
  3. Type ‘Control Panel’ menu in the Windows search bar
  4. After entering the ‘Control Panel’ menu, click ‘Hard and Sound’
  5. Select ‘Device & Printer’ > click ‘Pointer Options’
  6. Select ‘Hide Pointer While’ to make the cursor appear again
  7. Finished.

3. Check the condition of the touchpad

The touchpad can be locked accidentally. This may cause the cursor to disappear unexpectedly. If this is the source of the problem, then you need to unlock the touchpad so the cursor can appear again. Continue reading the article below.

Here’s how to make the missing cursor appear: 

  1. Pay attention to lines F1 to F12 on keyboard
  2. Look for the button with the touchpad logo
  3. Press the Fn button and the touchpad logo button at the same time
  4. Check the cursor again
  5. Finished.

4. Restart laptop

Have you tried the three methods above, but the cursor still disappears? Try the fourth method. Even though this method has a bad impact on the laptop, it can be done occasionally. The laptop will be forced to shut down quickly.

The way to bring up the missing cursor is to reload (restart) the laptop. Press the Power button within a few seconds. Hold it until the laptop screen turns off completely. Wait a moment, then turn on the laptop again.

Once lit, try moving the cursor. Has the cursor appeared?

5. Re-update the driver

Finally, how to make the missing cursor appear by re -updating the driver. Compared to other methods, this method is a bit complicated, but it is worth trying. Because, it’s not uncommon for the cursor to have problems because the driver hasn’t been updated

This is how to update or reinstall the driver:

  1. Press Windows + R keys simultaneously
  2. Ketik devmgmt.msc
  3. Enter
  4. Select the ‘Mice and Other Pointing Device’ menu by pressing the Tab key
  5. Enter pada Compliant Mouse
  6. Tekan ‘Update Drive’
  7. Wait for the process and reload ( restart ) the laptop.

Double-check the cursor by moving the mouse or touchpad. If the cursor appears, it can be used again. Consider reinstalling the laptop as well. It could be that the cursor is lost and cannot be used because of a problem with the computer’s operating system. 

If all methods have been tried but failed, the final option is to take the laptop to a repairman. There are times when you have to repair something to an expert.

Don’t disassemble the laptop yourself, especially without proper knowledge. The worst impact is that the laptop is damaged. That’s how to bring up the latest missing cursor . You can choose the easiest and most effective method. Good luck and hopefully it’s useful, OK?

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