EAD Aesthetics And Cosmetics: How to Start Your Career?

The aesthetics market was estimated at 127 billion dollars in 2023, with annual growth prospects of 14.9% until 2030.

The cosmetics market, which goes hand in hand with aesthetics, reached a turnover of 374.18 billion dollars in 2023 and is expected to almost double by 2032.

This data shows us the strength of one of the most promising markets for the coming years, both for companies and professionals in the field.

They also reveal opportunities for those who are looking for a degree and have not yet decided on the area or course they want to take.

Continue reading and find out more about the EAD degree in aesthetics and cosmetics!

What is aesthetics and cosmetics?

Aesthetics and cosmetics is an area of ​​knowledge that deals with promoting well-being to people through solutions that involve bodily health and beauty.

While aesthetics focuses on body treatments, cosmetics focuses on developing products suitable for promoting health and beauty.

As you can imagine, these are two complementary segments that are gaining more and more followers, whether in the search for personalized procedures and solutions or in the professional field.

So much so, that the search for aesthetic procedures grew 390% in 2022. The cosmetics market saw a 14% increase in sales in the first half of 2023 alone.

This increase in demand for procedures and products in the beauty market causes the market to heat up and open space for young professionals. An opportunity that can be very well taken advantage of.

How to take advantage of the opportunities in the area?

If you are interested in the area and see good professional prospects in the aesthetics and cosmetics market, the best way to enter this world is to seek qualifications. There are countless ways to prepare for the aesthetics and cosmetics market, wherever you are. Want to see?

Technical course

The technical course in aesthetics and cosmetics is aimed at high school students seeking professional training during this stage of learning.

Throughout the three years of high school, you will have access to specific aesthetics and cosmetics subjects without leaving aside the traditional curriculum, which prepares you to take the university entrance exam.

Once you have completed the technical course, you have the opportunity to work in beauty clinics, beauty salons and other businesses in the area.


A degree in aesthetics and cosmetics trains higher-level professionals, enabling them to work with more complex procedures. It also allows graduates to pursue postgraduate courses, whether lato sensu (specializations) or stricto sensu (master’s and doctorate).


Postgraduate courses aim to provide theoretical and practical in-depth study of the most current topics on aesthetics and cosmetics , raising the level of knowledge of professionals already working in the market.

They also contribute to the formation of networking, that is, networks of contacts with other professionals in the field. This way, you can build a support and information exchange network that facilitates your entry into the market and access to better job opportunities.

Ah, but there are no courses like these near my house. How do I do?

That’s where distance training in aesthetics and cosmetics comes in. A simple, safe and very effective way to have the career you want without having to travel long distances.

Why study EAD aesthetics and cosmetics?

The EAD degree in aesthetics and cosmetics has the same curricular structure and teaching staff as the in-person training.

The difference is that classes are mediated by digital technologies that allow people from anywhere in the world to have access to knowledge.

This approach favors people from all social classes and opens up space for hundreds of students to follow their dreams regardless of where they live.

See some advantages of this modality:

  • Flexibility to study anywhere in the world;
  • Access to content aligned with market demands;
  • Classes with qualified professionals working in the field;
  • Greater power in time management and quality of life.

Are you curious to know more?

What is the distance learning college of aesthetics and cosmetics like?

The EAD degree in aesthetics and cosmetics lasts 3 years, during which you will explore a completely new world.

The first months of classes will be dedicated to basic subjects, such as human anatomy, fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry, cytology and histology, among others. Physiology, biosafety, immunology and urgent care are also part of the curriculum.

After this true immersion in the functioning of the human body, you will have access to specific disciplines in the area, such as dermatology applied to aesthetics, cosmetology, visagism and micropigmentation and dermography.

Facial and body aesthetics, fundamentals of phytocosmetics and biocosmetics, pre- and post-surgical aesthetic treatments, electro, photo and thermotherapy applied to aesthetics are also included in the course syllabus.

Furthermore, you have access to integrative projects throughout your training, which will enable the practical application of the concepts learned in a guided manner.

And, at the end of the course, you must also complete the mandatory internship, a way of consolidating all the knowledge learned in supervised professional work.

How to take an EAD degree in aesthetics and cosmetics?

The first step to studying a degree in EAD aesthetics and cosmetics is to select the educational institution that will accompany you throughout this learning journey.

Here at Multivix, we have hundreds of in-person support centers so that you can pursue your degree with the quality and support you deserve, fully preparing yourself to build a successful career.

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