How to Find the Secret Game In Instagram DM?

Find out how to find Instagram’s secret game, so you can pass the time while you wait for a response from friends and crushes in DMs.

Instagram users noticed that the social network now offers a small secret game in DM. The feature is simple, allowing you to pass the time while waiting for a response from your friend or crush on Instagram.

To enjoy the secret game in Instagram DM, simply open any message and send an emoji. The game works like the classic Pong, where you must prevent the emoji from falling, gradually increasing your score. Below you will learn how to access the game.

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How do I access Instagram’s secret game?

Instagram always adds new functions, with stories and reel features. Now, Meta, owned by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has decided to add a secret game to Instagram DMs. To play, simply:

  • Access Instagram on your iOS or Android smartphone;
  • Select the DM (Direct Message) from one of your friends;
  • Send an Emoji, it can be anyone!
  • Click on the emoji and enjoy the game!

That’s right! Just click on the emoji you just sent and the Instagram secret game starts automatically. The game itself is very simple, just prevent the Emoji from falling by controlling the black bar at the bottom of the screen.

The more times you stop the Emoji from falling, the higher your score will be. Be careful not to get addicted and stop seeing responses from your friends and crushes!

We emphasize that the game works with any emoji, so just select the one you like best. For now, there is no information whether Instagram’s secret game will remain on the social network forever. So, be sure to check out this wave and tell your friends about this new discovery.

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