How to Make Moving WA Stickers?

Sending messages via WhatsApp (WA) will be even more exciting if you use stickers. Apart from being more expressive, sticker illustrations are also funnier and more varied. So, chatting via chat becomes more fun. 

Not a few WA users collect stickers so they can build exciting chats, you know. Moreover, you can send moving WA stickers now. How to make WA stickers that move is also easy. You can make it yourself according to your style and sense of humor

So, how do you make moving WA stickers? Follow the steps below.

How to make WA stickers that move with third party applications

Exchanging stickers on WA is really fun. So far, the easiest way to get moving stickers is to save stickers sent from other people. However, you can also make it yourself.

However, making your own moving stickers on WA is quite complicated because you need a third party application. However, the method is not too difficult as long as you follow the step by step correctly.

Here’s how to make a moving WA sticker:

  1. First enter the third party application, namely
  2. Then, select ‘GIF Maker’
  3. Then, select ‘Choose Files’
  4. Enter the media you want to make moving stickers
  5. Then, click ‘Don’t Slack Frames’ to remove the media background
  6. If you want to adjust the image quality, select ‘Make WebP’
  7. Additionally, set the file size with the ‘Resize Image’ option
  8. Click ‘Make a GIF’, then download the GIF.

That’s it, moving WA stickers can be sent when chatting with other people.

How to make regular stickers on WA

Apart from how to make WA stickers that move, there are also ways to make regular stickers. This method could be an interesting option. Moreover, the method is fairly easy and doesn’t take long. However, keep in mind, this method also requires a third-party application.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the ‘Sticker Maker’ app. If you are using an iPhone, download the ‘Sticker Maker Studio’ application
  2. Once the application is installed, open ‘Sticker Maker’
  3. Then, select ‘Create a new sticker pack’
  4. Enter the name and author of the sticker
  5. Then, open the sticker pack and select an empty space
  6. Add, images from phone gallery
  7. Edit photos, such as removing the background with the ‘Smart Select’ or ‘Freehand’ options
  8. Add words or emojis
  9. Click ‘Save Sticker’ and select ‘Add to WhatsApp’.

That’s how to make regular stickers on WA. Now, you can make as many stickers as you like. The stock of stickers is immediately full and can be used when chatting .

How to replace stickers with moving GIFs on WA

illustration of making GIF stickers on WhatsApp (pexels/Karolina Grabowska). The stickers a friend sent you look interesting? Why don’t you change it to a moving sticker? 

There is a way to make WA stickers that move from friends’ posts. Here are the steps:

  1. Open ‘File Manager’ first
  2. Click ‘Internal Storage’, select ‘WhatsApp Media’, then select ‘WhatsApp Stickers’
  3. Don’t forget to sort files by date. So, stickers sent by friends are at the top
  4. Select the sticker you want to send from your friend, then ‘Copy’
  5. Then, return to the newly created GIF sticker file, select ‘Paste’
  6. Close the WhatsApp application and do ‘Clear Cache’.

So, the sticker your friend sent has become your GIF sticker. Stickers can be saved in the sticker storage area on WA. That’s how to make moving WA stickers. There are several ways you can choose. Use the method that best suits your needs, OK?

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